Aquarium Clock Screensaver

Aquarium Clock Screensaver

7art Aquarium Clock brings fish and time to your desktop
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Do you like aquariums? In my opinion, they are beautiful! I can spend hours watching those beautiful fish swimming around the place. I like them so much that sometimes I lose track of time, just staring in awe. But now, I will not lose track of time again. 7art Aquarium Clock brings fish and time to your desktop.

This beautiful screensaver will put a living aquarium right in your living room or at the office. And, of course, it will give you the time, but in a very special way.
The clock is very pretty, and very unique. Its hands look like underwater plants as if they were moving on their own, and the design of the face is simple but attractive. You will see many different kinds of fish moving around, swimming gracefully from one side to the other.

All of a sudden, even a shark appears on your screen. It also swims gently along the scene, without messing up with no one. The screensaver is pretty good, and very relaxing. The only thing I missed was either music or underwater sounds. It is completely silent! I still don’t understand very well screensavers with no sound. But that’s me.

You will enjoy the aquarium at home or at the office. It will provide you moments of peace and tranquility.

Fernando Soni
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  • Pretty scenes
  • Attractive clock


  • No sound
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